About Us

About Us


Rhyme-N-Reason Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit established in Jackson, MS and in Cape Coast, Ghana. The organization has a history of bringing cultures and viewpoints together, resulting in a rich blend of opportunities for all participants. Founded in 2007, the organization has hosted international hip hop education conferences and events in Mississippi, Arizona, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda and other locations. With the participation of educators, rap and graffiti artists, DJs, b-boys/girls, students and community members, Rhyme-N-Reason has grown to serve a diverse international community.


Through partnerships with universities and schools in the K-12 system, the Foundation works directly with the youth of several countries. Rhyme-N-Reason has developed a series of creative writing workshops in which rap artists and educators help students develop their writing skills. Highly acclaimed graffiti artists have been instrumental in the design and implementation of public art projects, and have worked with student artists to assist them in identifying innovative career opportunities.

Rhyme-N-Reason Foundation focuses on the presentation of innovative multimedia educational programs that are culturally relevant, rigorous, and significant. The organization strives to increase students’ awareness of important social issues and to arm them with the skills needed for meaningful participation in the 21st century global community.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Rhyme-N-Reason Foundation assists talented youth through both formal and experiential education, international collaboration, and cultural exchange. Based on the philosophy of mutual support and respect inherent in the global hip hop community, Rhyme-N-Reason recognizes the importance of education as central to the well-being of individuals, communities, and nations. The Foundation provides opportunities to engage in the creation of a prosperous and meaningful future for all.


Our Vision

Our Vision

Rhyme-N-Reason Foundation will serve as a catalyst for change in the global hip hop community. By supporting opportunities for education, professional advancement, and the creative application of knowledge and insight, the Foundation will be recognized as a significant factor in the advancement of international cooperation and prosperity.

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Rhyme-N-Reason Foundation

Based in Jackson, Mississippi USA, Rhyme-N-Reason Foundation is an international hip hop education nonprofit. We publish Telling Our Own Stories, which includes writing and art from young people in more than 15 countries and cultures, and distribute the books free of charge. We also support talented youth in school, and host conferences, arts-based events, and interactive workshops. Our slogan of Education, Collaboration, Celebration is reflected in the way we bring rap and graffiti artists, dancers, educators and students together in a creative application of the elements of hip hop culture.

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